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rossi extreme shakes


choose your milkshake

vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, bugglegum, salted caramel

café latte, mint chocolate, cookies & cream

choose your ice cream

chocolate, vanilla, strawberry

then choose a cupcake or a donut from our selection to top your shake!


rossi gelato panini

2 generous scoops of rossi ice cream plus your choice of toppings encased in a  toasted brioche roll – served hot with whipped cream


hot chocolate fudge cake


with 2 classic white vanilla rossi ice-cream scoops, whipped cream and chocolate sauce


rossi ice cream sundaes


chocolate explosion - strawberry pavlova - rainbow sundae (ve) - salted caramel


rossi ice cream – waffle cone or tub

banana, bubblegum, chocolate, lemon ice, mint choc chip, salted caramel, strawberry, white vanilla


rossi oyster

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